Christmas at the Lakelands'
Brac Pack 33

Erotic Alternative Paranormal Romance, M/M, Werewolves
Published: December 23, 2013

Running from his past, Ares Kattamon left his psychology practice behind to become an assistant producer at a small independent film company. When he arrives in Brac Village to shoot a movie, he discovers a man who makes Ares hunger in ways he never knew existed.

Daniel Constantinople was the last of his brothers to mate. Daniel didn’t think it was in the cards for him to find love—not when his father continued to appear, still abusing Daniel, threatening to force Daniel home. When Daniel realizes that a small independent film company is coming to town, he sees his opportunity to escape his father's demands. If he secures a part in the movie, then Magnum has no reason to come after him.

Or so he thought.

Magnum is determined to destroy Daniel's life and turn everyone against him. Daniel must find a way to escape Magnum's clutches, save Ares from the Ultionem, and help Ares to discover why the cast is slowly disappearing before it's too late.



“How many times have I told you this goes in the recycling bin?” Daniel plucked the empty soda container from the wastebasket behind the counter and took it over to the green bin he’d set up by the hallway leading to the office. “Dude, you are the only person who cares.” Fletcher burped and then leaned on the counter, flipping through the morning paper he’d taken from the stack that had just been delivered.

“It doesn’t hurt to try and keep this planet clean and usable for future generations.” Daniel's lip curled as his nose wrinkled in disgust as Fletcher dug up into his nose and then wiped the content onto his jeans.

“I’ll remember—”

“Next time.” Daniel finished for him. “You said that last time, and the time before that, and the time before that.” He straightened the rack containing the potato chips, grabbed a loaf of bread that had been sitting on top and put it back in its proper place. He dusted the shelves as his hips bounced to the Christmas music playing on the radio, wondering what gifts to get for his brothers. Remus and Raven wouldn’t be hard to shop for, but D was a totally different story.

Maybe a pound of coffee? Dudley seemed to love that stuff.

“Dude, stop harping on my recycling habits. If I want to hear someone bitch, I’ll go home and listen to my mother.” Fletcher licked his thumb and turned the page.
I have to remember to burn that paper.

Fletcher closed the paper and then stabbed his finger against the front page. “Hey, it says here that some independent film company is going to do a movie in Brac Village.”

Setting the duster aside, Daniel hurried over to the counter. “Where?” He began to grab the paper and then caught himself. He didn’t want to touch anything those treasure diggers had touched. Snatching another paper from the stack, Daniel unfolded it.

He read the front page and a fissure of excitement zinged through him. The small production company wanted some locals to make the film more authentic. They were looking for men and women between the ages of fifteen and eighteen. “Yes!”

Okay, he was one hundred and fifteen. But Daniel looked young enough to pass as a teenager.

“And what part are you going to try out for, the village idiot?” Fletcher arched a thick brow and then snorted at his own joke before walking over to the cooler and grabbing another soda. Daniel normally said something about the man taking cans of Coke from the gas station slash mini mart they worked in, but he was too excited about the front-page news.

The article stated that auditions would be held next week at the local recreation center. Oh, fudge. Daniel tossed the paper aside when he read that the auditions would be at two in the afternoon. There was no way he could try out.

“Hey, why don’t you rehearse your role as a garbage man by taking the trash out back?” Fletcher dug in his ear and then flicked the gunk off his finger. Daniel’s shoulders slumped as he dutifully emptied the trash around the store, slipped his coat on, and then pushed the front door open, heading out back.

He should have known better than to get his hopes up. The excitement had grabbed him and he hadn’t thought about the fact that the movie would be shot during the daylight hours. But god, it would have been nice to be a part of something big. Not that he wanted to move to Hollywood and become famous.

After tossing the bags into the Dumpster, Daniel began to empty the bins by the gas pumps. Maybe working with Nasty Ned was all he was destined to do. How many exciting jobs came to Brac Village? None. That’s how many. A once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and Daniel had to let it pass him by.

“Hey.” Fletcher stuck his head out the door. “Don’t forget to clean the lot.”

It was colder than shit out here and he wanted Daniel to walk around picking up the sparse litter? Glancing into the big bay window, he spotted Nasty Ned sniffing his fingers after scratching his armpit.

And the man wonders why females turned him down left and right.

Grabbing the bags, Daniel headed back toward the Dumpster. He wanted to throw Fletcher in there as well. The guy was as useful as a used condom. The only thing he did was stand behind the counter all night, delegating the work to Daniel.

But Daniel kept his mouth closed because the work kept him busy. He hated being idle. Besides, he believed in giving everything he did one hundred percent.

Heaving the bags up, Daniel dropped them into the Dumpster.


An arctic chill blanketed him. There was only one thing that sounded like Satan knocking on someone’s door.

“How befitting. Taking out the trash. I always knew you would aspire to great things.”

Daniel closed his eyes, cringing when he heard the star of his nightmares. The feeling of being a small child gripped him as he hoped that this was a hallucination. But nothing could be as awful as the man standing behind him. No, this wasn’t a hallucination.

It was his father.

“Turn around when I’m talking to you.”

By sheer willpower, Daniel didn’t drop to his knees and beg his father for mercy. Instead, he opened his eyes, feeling his throat tighten when he turned to face Magnum Constantinople, and that dreaded walking stick gripped firmly in a gloved hand.

His legs twitched at the sight of the stick that reduced him to a whimpering mess. As a child, Daniel had honed the skill of hearing the tip of that blackthorn stick touching the hard wood floors in his home. The cane was pure black, the handle a dragon’s head with snarling fangs. The curvature on the three foot length held many painful reminders of how well the damn thing had held up over the years.

As always, his father looked impeccable, regal in his three-piece suit and expensive trench coat as he stared down his aquiline nose at Daniel.

“If I had known you liked taking the trash out, I would have kept you at home and given you a job with the servants.” Daniel flinched when his father lifted the cane, using the tip to lift the hem of Daniel’s coat. “You are definitely dressed for the part.”


Daniel stood there frozen. Maybe he was a little slow on the uptake, but he hadn’t thought that Ares liked him. Not in that way, at least. The man hadn’t given any signs.Ares took a step back as he glanced at Daniel’s lips. There was a strange light in his eyes. If Daniel wasn’t mistaken, it was a look of hunger. It was mesmerizing and made Daniel hard.

The desire to sweep those black bangs from Ares’s face was strong. The fringe covered part of Are's eyelids, masking his eyebrows. Daniel wanted an unobstructed view.

Ares cleared his throat. “That was nice.”

Daniel had been kissed a few times in his life. Although none of the moments were stellar, he knew for a fact that “nice” wasn’t necessarily a good thing. Licking his lips, Daniel hoped for another kiss. Before he could take a breath, Ares pulled him close once more. This time Daniel was ready. And this time the man wasn’t going to part with a claim of the kiss being merely nice.

He boldly grabbed the back of Ares’s neck, pulling himself in until their bodies were aligned. Ares let out a gruff groan as one of his hands wrapped in Daniel’s hair, the other covering his ass. Daniel opened for Ares, sucking the man’s tongue in as he pressed his erection into Ares’s upper thigh.

“Back down,” Ares ordered Daniel, his voice dark, rough. The man sounded as if he were losing control. His pale-blue eyes had grown dark and the hand that was in Daniel’s hair tightened. “If you don’t, I can’t promise that I will stop.”

It had been so long since Daniel had been with a lover that he almost forgot what sex felt like. He might be making a mistake, but Daniel didn’t want Ares to stop. He wanted that lean and ripped body pressing him down to the bed. Power and strength bled from every pore of Ares’s body. That dangerous air had been there before. Daniel had felt it, but not on this level.

Daniel pushed closer, cupping Ares’s erection. He moved his hand up and down the bulge beneath the man’s slacks as he watched Ares’s eyes grow even darker.

His cock pulsed when Ares gave a firm yank to Daniel’s hair. Sensations he hadn’t felt in a very long time were taking over. The man appealed to Daniel on levels he’d forgotten existed.

Ares pulled Daniel’s hair until his head fell back, and then he began to nibble his way across Daniel’s throat.

Daniel’s lips parted, a low groan vibrating in his throat as he turned his head, seeking more of the caress.

“I want to devour you,” Ares whispered. Daniel gasped as Ares’s teeth nipped his neck, his tongue stroking over Daniel’s collarbone. Daniel was breathing hard, his skin sensitive. The rasp of Ares’s tongue on his neck was nearly driving him mad.

Ares moved them backward until Daniel’s legs touched the bed. A low growl rumbled in Ares’s throat as his hands moved under Daniel’s shirt, his fingers caressing a trail of fire all the way down his spine.

Daniel’s cock was straining so hard that he feared he would come before they ever got started. All he could think about was that thick cock sliding into him, thrusting hard and deep.

He’s a total stranger. You shouldn’t be doing this.

“Sweet, sweet Daniel.” Ares’s voice was so deep, so sensual and aroused it caused Daniel’s cock to jerk. He sucked in his breath when Ares grabbed the hem of Daniel’s shirt and lifted it over his head. Not even the coolness of the room could temper the aching heat rushing just under Daniel’s skin. It was almost as if he were in a dream as Ares reached for the snap of Daniel’s jeans.

Daniel should be totally embarrassed that he was sleeping with someone he’d just met. That wasn’t who Daniel was or how he normally behaved. But there was something about Ares. Daniel always found it hard to breathe when the man was near. It felt like Daniel could share the darkest, deepest part of his soul with Ares.
What a ridiculous thought.

Although Daniel loved his brothers dearly, he had never confided anything personal to them. The three had protected Daniel as best they could against Magnum, but Daniel kept his life close to his chest.

Yeah, but they also treated you like a little kid.

“Are you with me?” Ares stopped kissing Daniel’s neck, as a flicker of hesitation marred his expression. He brushed the hair from Daniel’s face with gentle fingers. “We can stop.”

Daniel cupped the man’s face and placed a soft kiss on his lips. “I’m with you.”

“Physically.” Ares backed up just an inch, although he didn’t release Daniel. “But your mind had gone somewhere else.”

The man was very observant.

Reaching between them, Daniel grabbed for Ares’s snap, slowly lowering the zipper. He reached inside Ares’s pants, palming the man’s cock. “I’m with you and I’m ready.”

Ares hissed as Daniel began stroking him. Ares’s skin was hot to the touch, pure  steel pipe as Daniel watched the head grow ruddy. Ares’s wasn’t the first cock he’d seen, so why did the flesh in his hand fascinate him so?

Because it’s been way too long for you, buddy.

Even so…

Ares clamped his hand down on Daniel’s wrist, stopping him from what he’d been doing. “Not like this.”

A smile toyed at the edge of Daniel’s lips. “Like what?”

The man let out a feral growl. Daniel’s smile widened. It was amazing that he could affect Ares this way. The man seemed dangerous on his own, not one to lose control.

Daniel took that as a compliment.

Ares tugged at the waistband of Daniel’s jeans. “Get these off.”

Living with Magnum, Daniel hated to be bossed around. As a matter of fact, he loathed it. But the way Ares was looking at him…

Daniel shoved the jeans down his legs and then kicked them aside. He stood there naked, his breath coming out in small pants. He was excited and nervous at the same time. Although Daniel had had his share of lovers, none of them looked this good. He wanted to take a bite out of the man.