Demon Warriors 2

Erotic Alternative Paranormal Romance, M/M, Demons
Published: July 29, 2011

Kane has finally found his mate. He is everything he could ever hope for. But when Snooke is repeatedly seen with bruises, Kane sees red.

Snooke worships Kane. So when he fights to stay away from the warrior, it only makes Kane more determined to find him. Snooke has things in his past that he isn’t proud of and fights desperately to keep Kane out of his screwed-up life.

Meanwhile, the crystal is still missing, and someone is playing tricks on the warriors’ minds. Can they find the crystal before the one who stole it learns its secrets, and can Kane save Snooke from a life he was never meant to lead?



Snooke opened his mouth as the hot meat passed his lips. He moaned at the taste, his tongue licking across his lips as he looked at Kane. Hot lust coursed through him as the taste exploded in his mouth.

“Move over, I want some ribs, too.” Chris chuckled as he bumped Snooke’s hip.

Snooke dropped his eyes from Kane’s rugged handsomeness to look over at Chris.

“Is it always like this?” Snooke asked as he tossed the rib bone away and piled his plate for the second time. He turned around and stared out into the backyard at all the laughing faces and listened to the shouts from the kids when the warriors chased them around.

“Always,” Chris said as he turned to face Snooke. “You’re welcome here anytime. You know that, right?”

Snooke looked down at his plate, shrugging his shoulders. He didn’t deserve Chris as a friend. “I do now.”

“Hey, babe.” Hondo ran up beside Chris and pulled him up into a tight hug. Snooke wished he had someone to love him like that.

“Do you know why the waiter attacked you?” Snooke asked as he took a bite of his burger.

“He wants Hondo.” Snooke couldn’t believe what Chris was saying. Someone actually attacked his friend because they wanted to poach? Snooke became angry at the thought of Chris being hurt.

“I’ll be back.” Snooke set his plate down and walked into the house. If that waiter thought he was going to get away with treating his friend that way, then he had another thing coming.

Snooke walked out of Chris's front door, heading to where the waiter worked. He was going to teach him a lesson the bastard wouldn’t soon forget.

Chris was quirky as hell, but he was still Snooke’s friend. He fisted his hands at his sides as he talked himself into a snit. No one was going to mess with his friend. The Pancake House came into view as Snooke stomped toward it. He was enraged by the time he walked into the restaurant.

Now if only he knew what the guy looked like.

“Can I help you?”

Snooke eyed the waiter, seeing nothing that would indicate this man had been in a recent fight. Maybe he should have asked Chris for a description before he went on his ass-kicking vengeance.

“I’m looking for the waiter who tried to beat my friend into an early grave and steal Hondo.” Snooke wasn’t going to beat around the bush. He wanted revenge.

The waiter’s eyes widened as he took a step back. “You must want John. He’s obsessed with Hondo.” The man’s head snapped back and forth as he looked around before leaning in. “But don’t tell anyone I gave you his name. He’s an ass, but I don’t want any trouble my way.”

Snooke gave a slight nod. “So where is he?”

“He just clocked out, so I don’t know.”

Well, that didn’t help him. Snooke mumbled thanks before turning around and heading back outside. He’d catch the guy sooner or later, and when he did, he was going to teach him a lesson. Snooke walked back down the sidewalk until he saw someone standing behind the Pancake House smoking a cigarette. He’d never understand how someone could have such a filthy habit.

Snooke squared his shoulders as he set his jaw. It was time John met his match. Snooke rolled his sleeves up as he headed behind the building. He hated that he was about to ruin a very expensive shirt, but Chris was worth it.

“Hey,” he shouted as he rounded the corner. “I owe you for—” His steps faltered when he noticed someone lying on the ground and a man standing over the body. Snooke took a step back as his eyes took in the unconscious man.

Snooke grunted as a heavy object struck the back of his head. He grabbed his midsection as someone started beating the hell out of him. The edges of his vision blurred as he watched the man walk away.

* * * *

Kane walked into the house looking for Snooke. He hadn't seen him in the backyard for a while and wondered where he’d gone off to. Had he ever met a man that intrigued him so much? He couldn’t think of anyone that made his skin feel alive like Snooke did. He hardly knew the man but was willing to change that.

Kane couldn’t get Snooke out of his mind. The slim and handsome man had been the guest star in Kane’s dreams lately, and he wanted to get to know him better. The kitchen was empty, so Kane searched the rest of the house.

Damn it. Why did Snooke always disappear? Kane walked back outside to see Chris still standing by the table. They locked eyes as Kane crossed the yard. “He fucking took off again.”

“Who?” Chris asked.

“Snooke,” Kane growled. “What did he say to you?”

Chris ran his tongue across the inside of his lower lip as he looked like he was lost in concentration for a moment. “He asked if it was always like this.” Chris nodded at the backyard. “And then he asked if I knew why the waiter attacked me.”

“He went after the waiter.” Kane rounded the table, heading straight for Hondo and Takeo.

“I need your help. Snooke took off, and I think he went after the waiter who attacked Chris.”

Hondo and Takeo followed Kane into the house, away from the children as they found a shadow to enter.

Hondo, Kane, and Takeo walked into the Pancake House, looking around for Snooke or the waiter. They didn’t see either.

“Where could they be?” Kane asked in frustration. He’d liked Snooke from the first moment he saw him at Chris’s. He could tell Snooke was fascinated with him, and it was flattering to Kane. He liked the slim guy and didn’t want to see harm come to him.

Hondo walked over to the counter. “Excuse me. I’m looking for one of the waiters who works here. He’s about six one, heavily built, brown curly hair.”

“You’re talking about John. He clocked out already.”

“Thanks. Do you know where I can find him?” Hondo looked frustrated. Kane glanced around, wondering where they should look next. If Hondo’s description was anything to go by, the large shifter was going to do serious damage to Snooke.

“I may be the owner here, but when they clock out, they have their own lives.”

Hondo motioned his head for the warriors to follow him. They walked around the building, trying to figure out where Snooke could be when the three came to the back of the building to see two bodies lying on the concrete, unmoving.


“Let me show you what a dork can do.” Kane slid his hands around Snooke’s waist and pulled him up into those strong arms. Snooke’s head fell back as Kane began to kiss down his neck, sucking and twirling his tongue over Snooke’s Adam’s apple.

Snooke’s neck was on fire as Kane made a trail down to his collarbone. Kane’s mouth covered Snooke’s skin hungrily. Snooke clutched Kane’s hair, his lips parting as Kane’s hands traveled down his spine, covering his buttocks, and then squeezed.

Want crashed over him as Snooke’s cock pulsed out a rhythm to Kane’s tongue. The fear he held inside melted away as Kane held him close. Kane lifted his head and stared down at Snooke. His eyes were soft, tender. Kane looked at Snooke as if he were the stars and the moon. At that moment Snooke knew he didn’t want Kane to ever leave his side.

He loved Kane.

Kane now owned Snooke’s heart.

“I’ve been a lonely warrior until you.” Kane took Snooke’s lips, his tongue exploring the recesses of Snooke’s mouth. Snooke whimpered as Kane slowly walked them over to his bed. He gently lay Snooke down. For every inch Kane exposed of Snooke’s chest, he kissed, licked, and nipped. His fingers slowly unbuttoned Snooke’s shirt, kissing and pressing his lips upon Snooke’s heart.

Snooke pulled his arms free from his shirt as Kane kissed his way down Snooke’s chest to his abdomen. Snooke’s cock jumped when Kane bit the clasp to his slacks and then mouthed his erection through the fabric. Tension began to build in Snooke. The need to come was getting close. He closed his eyes, willing himself to calm down.

Kane slid the clasp free from Snooke’s pants as his lips worked Snooke’s cock. When his shaft was finally free, Kane slipped it into his mouth.

“Oh,” Snooke groaned. He raised his legs as Kane slid his pants down and then off. Snooke grabbed his knees and pulled them back, giving his lover all of him. The voice in the back of Snooke’s mind kept telling him to leave and never look back. Kane didn’t need to get involved. But his body wouldn’t listen.

Kane was fast becoming his whole world, and that was dangerous. Snooke lost his train of thought and gasped as Kane’s tongue pushed past the ring of muscles, his hands gliding over the back of Snooke’s thighs.

His skin began to hum when Kane licked a path up to his balls, circling around them and taking each orb into his mouth. Had anyone ever taken their time to make love to Snooke’s body like this? Snooke’s head thrashed back and forth, his hands fisting the sheets. “K–Kane.”

Snooke could feel the pre-cum leaking onto his stomach as Kane lapped his way up and then licked his belly clean, taking his cock into the haven of his mouth. Snooke bucked, his hips thrusting as Kane worked Snooke’s cock down his throat.

Snooke’s back bowed as Kane’s throat muscles worked his shaft. His legs swung up, and his feet planted themselves onto Kane’s back. Snooke fucked Kane’s mouth in a frenzy.

Kane’s fingers massaged Snooke’s hot, sensitive skin, sending his senses to another realm. Snooke felt as though he wasn’t even in his own body. Kane had taken him to the highest peak, and that’s where they were hovering now.

Currents of fire shot through him as Kane worked his cock, taking Snooke so close to the edge, he could see the abyss below.

“Kane!” Snooke cried to the heavens as he came. Kane drank him down, body and soul. There wasn’t one part of Snooke that Kane didn’t own now.

He fell back on the bed as Kane rose above him, staring down at Snooke with hooded eyes. The warrior pulled his shirt over his head, tossing it aside, his eyes never leaving Snooke’s.

Snooke’s heart beat loudly in his chest as Kane kicked his jeans off. His lover stood there gloriously naked, his cock hitting his abdomen. There was no rolling away now, and Snooke didn’t want to.

Kane slid onto the bed, his hands skating up Snooke’s body as the strength of Kane blanketed him. “I knew I’d get you in my bed.” Kane lowered his head and took one of Snooke’s nipples into his mouth. He could feel Kane’s cockhead at his anus, the pre-cum relaxing his muscles.

Snooke spread his legs wider, wanting to feel his lover buried deep inside of him. Why couldn’t he crawl inside Kane and live there safely forever?

His hands came down on Kane’s head, pulling at the mahogany hair as the warrior gently bit his nipple, teasing it with his lips. Goose bumps broke out over Snooke’s skin as Kane’s fingers traced over his shoulders and down his arms.

Snooke lifted his legs higher as Kane slowly pushed through, breaching him, taking Snooke’s body in more than just the physical sense. He could feel his lover’s cock deep inside as his warrior lifted his head and stared into Snooke’s eyes. “You’re mine.” Kane lowered his head, tracing Snooke’s lips with his tongue. “I’ll never let you go.” Their lips collided in a fierce play of desire, hungrily taking what the other offered.

But I’ll just break your heart. Snooke’s mind whispered the words. He wrapped his legs around Kane’s waist, feeling the steel shaft moving in and out of his body.

Snooke cried out when he felt the binding begin. No! Kane couldn’t be his mate. God no. This couldn’t be happening. It wasn’t safe for Kane to be near him, but now they were mates. A single tear slid down the side of Snooke’s face as he thought of how Kane would be in danger now.

They both would be.

“Snooke.” Kane gasped, locking eyes with Snooke. A smile formed on Kane’s face. “I knew you were the one. From the moment I saw you, I knew.”

Snooke felt like he was spiraling out of control as Kane thrust harder. His cock was smashed between his body and the warrior’s solid muscles. The friction was going to make him come again.

“My shorty.” Kane kissed down Snooke’s neck tenderly. “My Snooke.”