Lynn Hagen

ManLove Romance

Alexi's King

Genre: Alternative Futuristic Paranormal Romance M/M
Series: Book One in the Pride Valley series.
Release Date: April 4, 2012

Running for their lives from their angry wolf pack, Alexi and his three best friends stumble into a cave in the forbidden forest. Hungry, soaked to the bone, and frightened, they wander deep into the earth. What they find shocks them.
Alexi and his friends walk through a glowing door to find themselves in a world of plush green grass and sunny skies, something they haven't witnessed in a very long time. But when they are surrounded by a pride of lion shifters, Alexi wonders if walking through that door was the smartest move.
Especially when Lansing, the king of the pride, tells the wolf shifters they are four thousand years into the future, and nothing but lion shifters rule the earth. And the king has special plans for Alexi, plans that make Alexi wonder if he's stepped into a dream or a nightmare.
Not all of the lions are happy that the wolves have arrived in their world. One in particular plans to kill the wolves, along with the king. Can Lansing stop the culprit from taking Alexi’s life, or will his pride feel Lansing’s mighty roar when Alexi is targeted for death?

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