Lynn Hagen

ManLove Romance


Genre: Alternative Paranormal Romance M/M
Series: Book Four in the Grizzly Ridge series.
Release Date: July 17, 2017

With Jesse as his cousin, Elijah's freedom was stunted. The alpha always makes sure Elijah has an escort whenever he leaves the house, and Jesse's rules are enough to drive any man insane. When the pack leaves for a hunt, Elijah sneaks out and follows. But trouble finds him, and Elijah's life is threatened by the very man being hunted. He finds a bear and a bunny shifter that help him, unaware that fate is about to intervene. He's kidnapped right in front of his cousin, and carted off to a bear clan.

Duane's bear takes over and steals Elijah from the wolves. He thinks Elijah is a sweet little wolf shifter, until his mate becomes riled. But Elijah keeps putting himself in harm's way, and Duane is at his wit's end, especially when the feds show up looking for the missing sheriff, and one of them attacks Elijah, threatening to expose the shifters of the mountains to the world.

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