Lynn Hagen

ManLove Romance


Genre: Alternative Paranormal Romance M/M
Series: Book Three in the Fate & Felines series.
Release Date: April 27, 2020


Kicked out when he was a teenager, Horace has proven that he’s a survivor. He’s strong-willed and doesn’t let anyone walk over him. That was mostly true. Sort of. Horace has a bad habit of not speaking up for himself, but not when it came to Keller O’Brien. The guy is a straight-up jerk, and Horace is done giving the guy chances to redeem himself. Until Keller bites him.

Keller has just gotten out of a disastrous relationship, and isn’t looking to jump into another one. He didn’t mean to act like a prick toward Horace, and is trying to make up for his rudeness. Unfortunately Keller reacts before he knows what’s happening, and bites Horace, forcing the human to go through the change that will enable him to carry Keller’s child. But an ancient creature is after Keller, and he has to keep his mate and unborn child safe, at any cost.

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