Lynn Hagen

ManLove Romance

Cowboy Trust

Genre: Alternative Paranormal Romance M/M
Series: Book Seven in the Bear County series.
Release Date: September 15, 2014

A diabolical corporation is after him. Some ranch hands want to teach him a lesson. Steven is surrounded by danger and it seems Colton is the key to his survival. Because Steven has a gift that people are dying to get their hands on. It's a gift that has been nothing but a curse for him.
Colton spots Steven working with the other construction men. They are finishing off the bunkhouse and Colton has yet to get close enough to speak to the man. But he's determined to make Steven his, even when he discovers Steven's dark secret. Together they strive to not only keep Steven alive, but to build a life both desperately yearn for. But when Steven goes into premature labor, Colton fears he will lose the family he's craved his entire life. Worse, betrayal hits home when one of their own tries to cash in on the contract that is on Steven's head.

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