You've achieved success in your field when you don't
know whether what you're doing is work or play.

                                                   -Warren Beatty



Christian's Menace
Christian's Coven 1

Christian has finally convinced his mates to come home with him. But convincing Minsheng and Yasuko to let the prince of vampires claim them is harder than he ever imagined. Trouble lurks just outside the club and Christian must protect his mates, but protecting them is easier said than done when dealing with Minsheng and Yasuko. 

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Tasting the Forbidden
Breed Assassins 1

Kayden Caellen and his unit have been assigned to hunt down the worst of the worst. When the admiral assigns Jade to Kayden's unit, Kayden knows he is in trouble. Since first laying eyes on the tech, Kayden has been in lust. But for Kayden's species, being gay is a crime, punishable by death.

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Red Spanking
Christian Coven 9

Lester longs for someone who will take him away from his humdrum life. The only thing he has going for himself are his job and friends in the neighborhood watch. But even those things leave him yearning for something more. When he meets Harley, Lester is determined to find that something with the handsome man. 

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Bound Hearts
Breed Assassins 2

After discovering his true identity, Thoran learns that he has a sister who was kidnapped ten years ago. When he travels to Crossover, his only intention is to gain information on her whereabouts, but fate has other plans. Thoran remembers a man from years before, a man he has never even spoken to, but can't get out of his mind. When he finds out that Eaton has been sold to the local brothel by his very own father, Thoran mounts a rescue.

Eaton thinks his life is over. His father has sold him in order to pay back taxes on their blacksmith business. There is no hope. Or so he thought until a gorgeous Breed Assassin rescues him.

As the Breed Assassins search for Thoran's sister, Thoran must confront his own personal demons and decide how far he wants to go in order to give Eaton the one thing he truly desires. To be owned by Thoran. 

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