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Lynn Hagen


ManLove Romance


1. HUNTED.jpg


Genre: Alternative Paranormal Romance M/M

Series: Book One in the Bound Forever series.

Release Date: November 12, 2018

Tristan Grant was a journalist in hiding. The cartel had put a hit out on him, and now he was stuck in the middle of Iowa, awaiting the trail. On a walk through the woods, he discovers a brick building with security cameras and barbed wire fencing. His curiosity piqued, Tristan investigates, only to find a secret lab with torturous experiments being conducted. He hatches a plan to set the men free, not knowing the beasts he would unleash. And the scariest of them all has his sights set on Tristan.


Alric had been fooled into signing a contract, unknowingly sealing his fate. He was stuck in a cage, being sliced and diced until he was no longer wholly human. He never thought he'd see the light of day again, until a cute little journalist stuck his nose in where it didn't belong. Now free, Alric and his team plan to exact revenge on those who imprisoned them. What Alric hadn't planned on was falling in love.

2. WANTED .jpg


Genre: Alternative Paranormal Romance M/M

Series: Book Two in the Bound Forever series.

Release Date: November 26, 2018

Kidnapped off the street and thrown into a dark cage, Austin feels like his world is ending. He hasn't the first clue why someone took him, until a stranger is tossed into the cage next to him. Frightened, Austin reaches out and is soothed by the man's deep voice. After Holton rescues him from the lab, Austin's life is never the same. They have to keep moving, staying one step ahead of those who hunt them, but what started out as a terrifying situation turns into hot nights with his dragon warrior.


When Holton is recaptured and returned to the lab, he curses Alric for being led astray. If his leader hadn't fallen for Tristan, Holton wouldn't be in this situation. But a small voice in the dark sends his heart skyrocketing, and Holton will risk everything to free Austin, unaware just how much the man will change his life. 

3. NEEDED.jpg


Genre: Alternative Paranormal Romance M/M

Series: Book Three in the Bound Forever series.

Release Date: December 3, 2018

Eli Cannon was assigned by the clandestine agency he works for to protect the "subjects" who escaped the lab, but his job was far from easy. None of the men trust him, and to make matters worse, Eli suspects a mole at the agency. Now he must keep Micah, Alric, and Holton, safe while trying to figure out who is leaking intel to Branson Industry—the company that funds the project. On the run and in hiding, Eli fights his attraction toward Micah, refusing to mix business with pleasure. Only Micah has other plans.


Micah isn't sure if Eli is friend or foe, but that doesn't stop him from wanting the man. He's attracted to Eli in ways that drives him insane, and when he finally gives in to those desires, sparks fly between them, igniting a passion neither can get enough of. They just have to take down Branson Industry and destroy those after them if they want a happy life together.

Lynn Hagen


ManLove Romance

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