Lynn Hagen

ManLove Romance


Without A Trace

Genre: Alternative Paranormal Romance M/M
Series: Book One in the Fever's Edge series.
Release Date: August 17, 2020

Redford Cohen had been stabbed and then shot twice, but managed to crawl his way out and survive. Now he is living on a ranch over a thousand miles away from where his attack happened. But Red is keeping a low profile, refusing to go into town, and refusing to give in to his desires where his boss is concerned. Lincoln keeps dropping hints that he wants Red, but Red is keeping his distance, no matter how hard it is to stay away from the stud.

Lincoln knows something is going on with his ranch worker. Red is withdrawn, quiet, and keeps dodging Lincoln whenever they are near each other. Lincoln isn’t giving up. Not when Red is his mate. Not when those haunting eyes keep Lincoln up at night, wondering why Red acts the way he does. When his stables catch fire and one of his workers is attacked, Lincoln goes on alert, especially when Red goes missing, and it’s up to Lincoln to save him.

Sweet Mercy

Genre: Alternative Paranormal Romance M/M
Series: Book Two in the Fever's Edge series.
Release Date: September 28, 2020

After surviving an abusive relationship, Mercy takes refuge at his stepbrother’s ranch. He has been living there for three years, trying to put his life back together. In walks Ford Bowers, a stunning man who makes Mercy’s heart race. But he doesn’t trust men, not even when Ford comes to his rescue for a flat tire. Not even when Ford fronts Mercy the money to start his own business. Some things are just too hard to get past, especially when Mercy’s ex-boyfriend shows back up in town.

Ford knows Mercy is his mate from the moment he steps from his truck. The problem is, Ford is working undercover to catch a maniac vampire. He’s been hired at the ranch, only because Ford doesn’t want to draw any suspicion to himself. He isn’t even sure he wants to stick around. He’s lived his life as an Ultionem mercenary and setting down roots isn’t in the cards for him. Only, the longer he’s around Mercy, Ford isn’t so sure he can simply walk away.

a perfect moment.jpg

A perfect Moment

Genre: Alternative Paranormal Romance M/M
Series: Book Three in the Fever's Edge series.
Release Date: January 4, 2021

Nothing seemed to be going right for Trey. This was his fourth job in six months, and he was desperate to keep it. Not only was he struggling with the fact that he’d received an eviction notice, but he was still fearful after witnessing men turning into Rottweilers and then turning into dust. Something wasn’t right in his world, and his headaches were getting worse. While standing outside his job, he runs into the hottest guy he has ever laid eyes on, and Ben is determined to make Trey his.

Ben couldn’t believe he’d run into his mate outside Cute Cuddles. Trey was gorgeous, and Ben was determined to win his mate over. Let the wooing begin. Unfortunately, someone from Ben’s past has come to town, hellbent on revenge. Manny had already slaughtered half of Ben’s pack five years ago, and now he wants to finish what he started. It’s up to Ben to keep Trey out of the mess, but fate has other plans.


Laying it Bear

Genre: Alternative Paranormal Romance M/M
Series: Book Four in the Fever's Edge series.
Release Date: January 18, 2021

After nearly dying, Sherman flees Maple Grove to start a whole new life in Fever’s Edge. He wants to put his past behind him, and applies for a job at the local diner. Little does he know how drastically his life is about to change when he spots a table filled with sexy firemen. One in particular catches his eye. Fire Chief Dalton Knowles. The guy is right up Sherman’s alley—big, muscular, and built like a bear. He just doesn't know that Dalton has his own set of problems that will put Sherman in a life-threatening situation.

Years ago Dalton worked for the Ultionem, chasing down rogue nonhumans. Now he's settled into a simple life. But he can’t escape his past, and when a vampire hell-bent on revenge comes after Dalton, the stakes grow higher. Dalton is infected with a slow-acting poison that is killing him, but he risks everything to save his mate from the deranged vampire.


Vet Under Fire

Genre: Alternative Paranormal Romance M/M
Series: Book Five in the Fever's Edge series.
Release Date: February 1, 2021

Nando doesn’t trust very easily, and when he runs into the town vet, he thinks Dr. Evan Scott is arrogant. Nando would do good to stay away from him, but is unable to resist Evan’s charm. When he’s invited to dinner at the mansion, Nando isn’t sure he should go. But his curiosity wins out, and soon Nando realizes there is a whole other world right under his nose.

Evan knows he has to take things slow with Nando. The human doesn’t trust very easily, which makes Evan’s job of getting to know his mate even harder. But when Nando is attacked, left for dead on the side of the road, it’s up to Evan to nurse his mate back to health and find the one responsible. Nothing on heaven or earth will stop him from protecting what is his, and making the culprit pay.


Hostile Pursuit

Genre: Alternative Paranormal Romance M/M
Series: Book Six in the Fever's Edge series.
Release Date: February 15, 2021

Phillip hasn’t had an easy life. He was a pariah among his coven members who hated him because he wasn’t ruthless like they were. Defying his coven leader’s orders, Phillip visits The Manacle, a vampire club where he hopes to meet Prince Christian. Instead, Phillip met his mate, and then flees, only to be kidnapped as soon as he steps outside the club. He’s held captive, and is pregnant, with no hope of escape.

For an entire month Rourke has looked for his runaway mate. He didn’t understand how Phillip could reject him until he discovers that his mate was not only kidnapped, but kept drugged. And Phillip is pregnant with their child. Rourke must protect his little vampire from Cassius, Phillip’s coven leader when Cassius demands Phillip’s return. Worse, one of the men who had kidnapped Phillip is in Fever’s Edge, looking to get Phillip back.


Never Too Late

Genre: Alternative Paranormal Romance M/M
Series: Book Seven in the Fever's Edge series.
Release Date: March 1, 2021

Shane has spent his entire life trying to keep his brother out of trouble. But there is no hope for Damien, especially when Shane is caught up in one of his brother’s schemes and is nearly killed. Now Shane finds himself a prisoner of the wolf pack that took down the men who profited off the sale of preternatural beings. More specifically, he’s Alejandro’s prisoner, a sexy wolf who makes Shane’s insides come alive.

Not only did Alejandro lose his parents the night of the massacre five years ago, but his brother, Rico, took off. Alejandro suspects that Rico had something to do with the massacre, but could never prove it. Now Rico is in Fever’s Edge, looking for some misguided payback, and has set his vengeful sights on Shane. It’s up to Alejandro to keep Shane out of Rico’s grip while trying to figure out whether his mate is friend or foe.



Genre: Alternative Paranormal Romance M/M
Series: Book Eight in the Fever's Edge series.
Release Date: March 15, 2021

Elijah has accepted the fact that he might always be alone. He was fine with making his pets his fur babies. That was until a stranger entered his shop on a cold and rainy summer day. Elijah knew right away that the black panther was his mate. The problem was, Zane hated wolves. That was an issue considering Elijah was a wolf shifter. Now he feared Zane would reject him, leaving Elijah broken hearted.

Betrayed by those he thought he could trust, Zane had a target on his back. With nowhere to go, and two demons after him, Zane finds himself in Fever’s Edge. Trying to get out of the rain, he runs into the local flower shop, only to discover that fate had given him a wolf shifter as a mate. After wolves had killed his brother, Zane despises them. But he has to put his trust in Elijah’s hands if he was going to keep his mate safe and go after those who betrayed him.

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