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Lynn Hagen


ManLove Romance


1. Nazaryth.jpg


Genre: Alternative Paranormal Romance M/M
Series: Book One in the The Exiled series.
Release Date: February 25, 2012

When Nazaryth finally finds his mate, the clock starts ticking. He has only a few short days to claim Theo before the mating heat drives him insane. By day one he is ready to throw Theo down and rut him like a wild beast. But Theo is refusing Nazaryth, claiming that his mate died years before.
Theo has mourned the loss of his mate, Dorian, for twenty years. He takes things day to day, trying his best to find happiness again. But when a large and handsome stranger claims to be Theo's mate, he runs the other way. There is no way Nazaryth is his mate, and Theo is out to prove the man wrong.
When Theo is taken by the hounds of hell, Nazaryth isn’t far behind in rescuing Theo. But what the commander of the winged beasts finds instead shocks him to his core.

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Genre: Alternative Paranormal Romance M/M
Series: Book Two in the The Exiled series.
Release Date: October 2, 2012

Who said being human was easy? When Jaycee decided to walk home after his car died, he had no idea his life was about to take a turn for the worst. A stranger attacks him in his own backyard, but Jaycee soon finds out that the man isn’t human.
Wolf was on the hunt for a hell hound, but found his mate instead, and he was injured by the one very creature whose bite was lethal to humans. Taking his mate home, Wolf worried that Jaycee wouldn’t live through the night.
The winged beasts soon find that not only was Wolf’s mate in danger of dying, but the king of Zanthar hadn't forgotten about them. He sends his gift in the form of two brimstone demons who are ten feet tall and spit acid.
Will Wolf’s mate survive his attack, and will the winged beasts survive the king’s gift? As the fight for not only Jaycee’s life begins, so does the trouble that continually unfolds for the winged beasts.


Rough Ride

Genre: Alternative Paranormal Romance M/M
Series: Book Three in the The Exiled series
Release Date: October 03, 2016

Twenty years ago Morgan woke with no memory of who he was. Worse, there has been a constant voice in his head that never lets up. He’s wandered from town to town looking for work but always feels as if he’s searching for someone. It isn’t until he enters a small town that his past and present collide. With hellhounds on the hunt for him, Morgan finally meets the man whose voice has been in his head for so long.

Renato has suffered for two decades thinking his zaterio dead. When he’s asked to help deal with a hellhound issue in Brac Village, he has no idea how much his life is about to change. Finding his mate is only the beginning. Renato must save him from a demon who has been searching for Morgan since birth—a demon who wants to use Morgan as a tool to take over hell. 


Holding Tight

Genre: Alternative Paranormal Romance M/M
Series: Book Four in the The Exiled series
Release Date: October 31, 2016

Running from a past Kyle wants to forget, he ends up at Zeus's large estate. Kyle never stays in one place for too long, always fearing his past will catch up to him, but Zeus wouldn’t allow him to take off. When Kyle's best friend drops by for a visit, he brings a few winged beasts with him, and one of those beasts is his mate.

Nikoli has always been pretty laid-back. But when he discovers that the little impala is his, he refuses to let Kyle run from him. He claims his zaterio the first night, promising to keep Kyle safe. When Kirk finally catches up to Kyle, Nikoli isn’t so sure he can keep that promise. Kyle's ex is dark and depraved and will stop at nothing to get his pet back, but Nikoli is just as determined to stop Kirk at all costs.


unraveled Heart

Genre: Alternative Paranormal Romance M/M
Series: Book Five in the The Exiled series
Release Date: November 14, 2016

Disowned by his father, Palmino is left to fend for himself in the human realm. With nothing but the clothes on his back, he takes refuge in a small town after being attacked by a soul-sucking demon. His life on the other side of the veil is dismal at best, but things finally start to look up when he runs into his mate.  

Silo is floored when he finds out that his mate is a breathtaking fairy. It isn't until after he claims Palmino that he discovers the fairy's well-hidden secret. Palmino is Unseelie. His mate belongs to the dark and evil race of fairies, and Palmino's father rules that realm. When Novus summons Palmino home, Silo is forced to the other side of the veil with his mate. Tempers rise, a spell is cast, and it's Palmino who pays the ultimate price for loving his winged beast.

Lynn Hagen


ManLove Romance

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