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Lynn Hagen


ManLove Romance


1. JAXXON.jpg


Genre: Alternative Paranormal Romance M/M
Series: Book One in the The Remus Brothers series
Release Date: July 11, 2016

When Evan is approached by a sexy biker, he knew he was in trouble. Jax is a bad boy and Evan feels as if he's gotten in over his head—especially when his sister warns him to stay away from the biker. Evan tries, but is drawn to Jax in ways he doesn’t fully understand.

Jaxxon Remus is the eldest of six. He owns his own business and shoots from the hip. When he discovers who his mate is, Jax lays it on thick, scaring the human away. But Jax is determined and doesn’t give up, even if he has to stalk his mate in order to claim him.

When Evan is attacked, Jax goes on the warpath. Worse, a murder has taken place and someone has pinned the crime on Jax. A price is put on Jax's head and it's up to him and his brothers to figure things out before somebody collects.

2. WYATT.jpg


Genre: Alternative Paranormal Romance M/M
Series: Book Two in the The Remus Brothers series
Release Date: July 25, 2016

Wyatt never believed in the whole mating thing, never believed he could be happy with one man for the rest of his life. Then Brone stumbles into his life. The alpha wolf is strong, dominant, and pisses Wyatt off at every turn until Wyatt learns that Brone is running from trouble. Their sudden closeness brings about unexpected desire, but Brone makes it very clear that he neither wants nor needs a mate. Wyatt is fine with that, or so he thinks.

Captured and tortured by a powerful demon, Brone finally escapes and sets out to find his brother to keep the omega safe from the deranged demon, who has threatened to go after Demarco next. But Brone never thought he’d find his mate in the midst of all his troubles. He and Wyatt go blow for blow when first meeting, their relationship prickly. But when Wyatt shows Brone a troubled past doesn’t decrease a man's value, both men discover that being mated might not be such a bad thing.

3. KADE.jpg


Genre: Alternative Paranormal Romance M/M
Series: Book Three in the The Remus Brothers series
Release Date: August 22, 2016

When Demarco discovers that Kade Remus is his mate, it is not a happy moment. He has fought his entire life against his omega status, a status that his brother has tried to shove down Demarco's throat. Demarco was sick of trying to live his life the way everyone expected him to. He feels conflicted and doesn't know which way to turn.

Kade agrees to give Demarco the space and time the wolf shifter needs, but when trouble finds the little omega, Kade puts his foot down. Unfortunately, that only pushes Demarco away. Kade decides that time alone with his mate is what they both need. He takes Demarco to a cabin in an attempt to convince Demarco that being an omega doesn’t mean the wolf has to give up who he is. But trouble follows them, and both their lives are in danger when a Hunter tracks them down.

4. HOUND.jpg


Genre: Alternative Paranormal Romance M/M/M
Series: Book Four in the The Remus Brothers series
Release Date: September 5, 2016

Growing up in a sterile home, all Jake wanted was to know what it was like to be loved. What he hadn’t expected was his brother to get him into a life threatening situation. With an enchanted collar around his neck that allows him to shift only halfway, he was pretty much screwed.

After adopting a cat, William starts to notice how peculiar the animal is. He even caught the furry feline scrolling through his text messages. While out looking for a job, William meets a sexy biker and agrees to go out with the guy, although his cat has other plans.

Chase “Hound Dog” Remus is blown away when he realizes the hot little twink he’s interested in is his mate. He just has one problem, the guy’s cat. Midnight is a shifter. Hound’s sure of it. He just has to figure out why the shifter allowed William to adopt him.

5. CROSS.jpg


Genre: Alternative Paranormal Romance M/M
Series: Book Five in the The Remus Brothers series
Release Date: September 19, 2016

Cross Remus is great at the tech stuff, excels at working on cars, but when he rescues a man from the clutches of a crazed hyena shifter, Cross soon finds there is something he isn’t equipped to handle. For over two weeks Brandon has been shot full of drugs to keep him compliant, and now Brandon is addicted to the high.

Unsure how to handle his mate’s addiction, Cross asks for help. Jax, his eldest brother, makes a call that Cross hopes will help Brandon. But when Drew shows up, Brandon refuses to talk to the human. While trying to help his mate, Cross and his brothers must fight to keep the hyenas from trying to take Brandon back.

Bowman isn’t giving up on getting Brandon back, and tired of fighting to keep his mate safe, Cross and three of his brothers go after Bowman, but soon find that they’ve walked into a trap. Can Cross get out of there alive, or will Brandon have to not only fight his addiction, but suffer through the loss of his mate?

6. HOUSTON.jpg


Genre: Alternative Paranormal Romance M/M
Series: Book Six in the The Remus Brothers series
Release Date: October 17, 2016

Devin survived hell once but must survive it again. Nearly two years ago, his life turned to hell when his mother and her boyfriend had Devin's son taken from him, and since then, Devin has been fighting to get Jordan back. Devin's kidnapping has made matters worse with the courts until Houston bends over backward to help him out. Devin isn’t sure he can trust the man but finds Houston isn’t an easy man to push away.
When Houston goes with his brothers to kill Bowman—a hyena who drugged Cross's mate—he finds Devin and discovers the human is his mate. He's at his wit's end because Devin is secretive and hell-bent on shutting Houston out of his life. But when Houston’s mate finally tells him what's going on, their problems only grow. The man who had Jordan taken away has escaped from prison, and Cyrus has one goal in mind. Make Devin pay.

Lynn Hagen


ManLove Romance

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